Membership Guidelines

While each Club sweep team may have its own specific membership guidelines, there are several broader requirements for membership amongst all the sweep teams.

Rowing calendar year:  The fiscal year for the Carolina Masters runs from July 1st to June 30th of the subsequent year.  All references to “year” in the handbook refer to this time period.

Minimum Attendance:  The minimum attendance for membership on a team is 24 rows per year.  Each team is permitted to set a higher requirement.

Injuries: The minimum attendance policy is suspended for one year in the case of significant injury (evaluated as such by the team leaders or Board), pregnancy, or other extenuating circumstances (e.g., temporary job relocation, family situation, etc.).  If an injury is protracted (> 1 year), the injured team member will go to the top of the waiting list, if any.

Organizational Structure:  The Board of Directors oversees the entire CMCC program, while each sweep team and the scullers are governed by their respective team leaders and team membership documents.  Team leaders are expected to behave as part of the leadership structure of the club and, accordingly, are expected to monitor the care of equipment, emphasize rower safety, and record attendance for all practices.

Number and selection of team leaders:  All teams will have annual elections for team leaders to two-year terms.  Elections for team leaders will be conducted by each team prior to July 1st (the start of the next year).  The election will be overseen by an election commissioner who is not running for the elected office.  Teams will be notified of the winner by the election commissioner.

Team meetings:  Each team will have at least one team meeting per year.

Racing lineups: Each team determines its racing lineups.  All lineups in mixed boats require the consent of the team leaders of the rowers in the boat.  If there is a Club coach, he or she will set racing lineups for the respective teams upon the request of the team leaders.  Lineups for club-owned boats need to be submitted to the President of the Board of Directors for review and approval within a reasonable period of time prior to race registration.

Service Hours:  Each sweep rower is expected to provide 10 service hours to the club, and each sculling member is expected to provide 5 service hours to the club per year.  Service hours must be logged in the online volunteer hour database available on the Club’s website in order to be counted.  If these hours are not provided by the end of the year (June 30th), the rower shall pay the current UNC Men’s “Rent-a-Rower” rate (or another rate  that may be set by the Board of Directors for that particular membership year) for the missed volunteer hours.
Membership Dues:  Membership financial obligations are divided into two categories: dues owed to the UNC Men’s team, and Master’s fees that are owed to the CMCC.  CMCC fees are set by the Board of Directors.  Dues and fees are non-refundable.  All dues and fees must be received by the CMCC treasurer by July 1st in order for a member to maintain his or her membership status.

Regattas:  Regatta expenses (including, but not limited to, trailering, truck rental, gas, race registration fees) are to be split among the racers.  Regatta expenses (registration fees, transportation, and lodging) for coxes will be covered by the racers.  Members who cannot afford these fees can contact the Treasurer, who can consider a payment plan or other appropriate accommodations.

Changes to the Membership Document:  Each team can propose changes to the individual team’s membership guidelines (if any) through a majority approval by the team members, but final approval is subject to Board for review and comment.

Visiting/Summer rowers:  Visitors and guests can row 3 times per year without paying membership dues.  Short-term rowers (<3 months) pay $100.00 per month to row.

Coaches:  Coaches will not be required to pay UNC dues or Masters fees to the club.  Club coaches are allowed to use club rowing equipment for personal use, but must follow the same rules for equipment use as all other club members.

Waiver :  All rowers and coxes shall sign a waiver prior to rowing with the Club.

Exceptions to These Guidelines:  Case-by-case exceptions to these Guidelines may be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.