2018 Summer Racing Results

Phenomenal doesn’t even come close to describing our Masters Nationals results and the time we spent there. Whether racing on our own, with other clubs or in composite boats the Carolina Masters brought it! 

1st (Gold)
Open D8+ (Tara w/Marin)
Open D4+ (Tara w/Marin)
Club D4x (Tara w/Marin)
Lightweight 1x (Tara)

2nd (Silver)
Lwt F4+ (Rachael w/Masters Coaching)
Lightweight C4+ (Tara w/Marin)
Women’s Open F-K 8+ (Stacy w/Masters Coaching)
Women’s Open A8+ (Amanda, Kait and Nicole/Composite w/East Bay Rowing Club)
Women’s Open D8+ (Stacy w/Masters Coaching) 

3rd (Bronze)
Women’s Open A4+ (Liz, Nicole, Kait and Amanda; Keara cox)
Mixed B4+ (Rob, Liz, Kathryn/Composite; Keara cox)

Women’s Open B4+ (Liz, Nicole, Stacy and Kathryn; Keara cox)
Women’s Open E8+ (Kathryn w/Masters Coaching)
Women’s Open C4+ (Kathryn w/Masters Coaching)

Mixed 2x (Liz w/East Bay Rowing Club)
F4+ (Rachael w/Masters Coaching)

USRowing Masters Nationals

August 16-19
Oakland, CA


1st: masters women’s 8+ (Taegan cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Kait, Amanda, Nicole, Rachael, Kathy)
open women’s 4+ (Madison cox, Liz, Kait, Amanda, Nicole)
open women’s 2x (Nicole & Amanda)
men’s masters 1x (Rob Kyle)
mixed 2x (Rob & Kathryn Kyle)

2nd: women's masters 4+: (Madison cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Rachael), (Taegan cox, Nina, Kathy, Joanne, Margaret)

Capital Sprints

July 7th
Washington DC

Occoquan Memorial Sprints

July 8th
Fairfax, VA

1st: Men's masters 1x (Rob Kyle)
Women's masters 8+ (Taegan cox, Amanda, Nicole, Stacy, Kait, Kathy, Joanne, Rachael, Margaret)

2nd: Women's masters 4+ (Madison cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Kait); (Taegan cox, Nina, Kathy, Joanne, Margaret)
Mixed 2x (Rob and Kathryn Kyle)

3rd: Women's masters 1x (Kathryn Kyle)
Women's masters 2x (Liz, Kathryn)


1st: Women's 8: (Taegan cox, Amanda, Kathryn, Stacy, Nicole, Joanne, Rachael, and Kathy)

2nd: Women's 4+, Women's open 2x

Virginia Boat Club Sprints

June 9
Richmond, VA


2017 Racing Results

Head Of the Hooch

November 3rd & 4th
Chattanooga, TN

1st: Mixed Masters 2x (Kathryn and Rob)
2nd: Women's Masters 4+ (<50) (Keara cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Nicole); Women's Masters 1x (43-54) (Kathryn)
3rd: Women's Masters 8+ (<50) (Keara cox, Liz, Chelsea, Stacy, Nicole, Sam, Rachel, Kathy, Nina)
5th: Men's Masters 1x (43-54) (Rob)
10th: Men's Masters 1x (55+) (Avram) Women's Masters 4+ (>50) (Kat cox, Rachael, Joanne, Nina, Margaret)

And we can’t forget our teammates racing with other teams and doing amazing! 
1st: Men's Masters 2x (<50) (Yuri in a composite boat)
3rd: Men's Open 4x (Yuri in a composite boat), Women's Lightweight 1x (Tara with Chinook)
4th: Women's College & Club lightweight 4+ (Tara with Chinook)

Head of the Charles

October 21st & 22nd
Boston, MA

6th: Women's Masters 4+ (40+) (Keara cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Jen)
5th: Women's Masters 4+ (40+) (Tara with Chinook)
34th: Men's Senior Master 2x (Piers and Dave)

High Point Autumn Rowing Festival

September 30th
High Point, NC

1st: Women's Masters 8+ (Kat cox, Sam, Chelsea, Stacy, Jen, Nicole, Joanne, Michelle, Nina), Women's Masters 4+ ((Keara cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Jen), Women's Masters 2x (Liz, Kathryn)
2nd: Women's Masters 4+ (Kat cox, Sam, Chelsea, Nicole, Nina), Men's Masters 1x (Avram)