CMCC offers sweep rowing for women over 18 years old. We row out of the UNC boathouse, and are affiliated with the UNC Men’s team. Our members have a range of rowing experience and competitive interests ranging from recreational rowers to competitive racers. 

Interested in joining the fun? We have opportunities for experienced rowers and women new to the sport. 

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Women's Sweep News

November, 2017

2017 Fall Racing Results

As a group, the Carolina Masters had one of their best team seasons this year, capped with multiple medals at the Head of the Hooch on November 3rd and 4th!

Head of the Hooch: 
1st: Mixed Masters 2x (Kathryn and Rob)
2nd: Women's Masters 4+ (<50) (Keara cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Nicole); Women's Masters 1x (43-54) (Kathryn)
3rd: Women's Masters 8+ (<50) (Keara cox, Liz, Chelsea, Stacy, Nicole, Sam, Rachel, Kathy, Nina)
10th: Women's Masters 4+ (>50) (Kat cox, Rachael, Joanne, Nina, Margaret)

And we can’t forget our teammates racing with other teams and doing amazing! 
3rd: Women's Lightweight 1x (Tara with Chinook)
4th: Women's College & Club lightweight 4+ (Tara with Chinook)

Head of the Charles
6th: Women's Masters 4+ (40+) (Keara cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Jen)
5th: Women's Masters 4+ (40+) (Tara with Chinook)

High Point Autumn Rowing Festival
1st: Women's Masters 8+ (Kat cox, Sam, Chelsea, Stacy, Jen, Nicole, Joanne, Michelle, Nina), Women's Masters 4+ ((Keara cox, Liz, Kathryn, Stacy, Jen), Women's Masters 2x (Liz, Kathryn)
2nd: Women's Masters 4+ (Kat cox, Sam, Chelsea, Nicole, Nina)


June, 2017

A small contingent of the CMCC women's sweep team competed at Virginia Boat Club Sprints in Richmond, VA. Our women's master's 4+ placed 3rd in their event, and congratulations to Liz Jenista and Kathryn Kyle on their wins in the Open 2x and Masters 2x races!


November, 2016

2016 Fall Racing Results

The Carolina Masters have been hard at work this fall, competing in local races (High Point Autumn Rowing Festival) and far (Head of the Hooch). We've had one of our most successful fall racing seasons to date!

High Point Autumn Racing Festival: Women's 8+ - 1st place, Women's 2x - 2nd place, Mixed Masters 2x - 2nd place, Women's 4+ - 2nd place.

Head of the Hooch: Women’s Masters 8+: 13th (out of 32 boats), Women’s Masters 4+: 6th and 19th (out of 39 boats), Women’s Masters 2x: 26th (out of 29 boats)

Now that our racing season has ended, it's back to the basics, and time to start thinking ahead towards 2017!




Summer Racing Results

This summer the Carolina Masters went to Virginia Boat Club Masters Sprints in Richmond, VA, Capital Sprints in Washington, DC, Occoquan Masters Sprints in Fairfax, VA, and Masters Nationals and competed in the women's masters 8+, women's masters 4+, women's masters 2x, mixed 2x, and the men's and women's 1x events. Notable results from those races are a first place finish by our women's 8+ in the Masters 8+ (B age category),  first place in the mixed 2x at Capital Sprints! 

June 18th, 2016

The CMCC Women's sweep team participated in their first regatta of the sprint season at the Virginia Boat Club Masters Sprints on June 18th. We raced in the Women's Masters 4+ and Women's Masters 8+, and placed 1st in the Women's Masters 8+ A-C. It was a beautiful day, and a great regatta!


April 30th, 2016

The CMCC women's sweep team participated in a scrimmage hosted the Cape Fear rowing team. It was a awesome opportunity for both teams to get back into sprint races, and help prepare us for our first official race of the summer in Richmond, VA.

February 27th, 2016

The Carolina Masters women's sweep team competed at the 124-C erg sprints in High Point, NC. We had a great time - no better way to do a 1k erg piece then surrounded by your friends cheering you on! Everyone met or surpassed their personal goals, and we managed to win 3 of the events we entered: Masters 30-39, Beka Layton; Masters 50-59, Stacy Rexrode; Masters 60-69, Nina McPhaul. Full results:

November 7th - 8th, 2015

2015 Hooch is over and CMCC had a great time! We had rowers who competed in the Men's Open 4x, Women's Masters 8+, Women's Masters 4+, Mixed Masters 2x, Women's Masters 2x, Men's Master 1x, Men's Master Lightweight 1x, and Women's Master 1x.

October 11th, 2015

The Carolina Masters women's sweep team competed at the High Point Autumn Rowing Festival on October 10th, 2015. We had a great day of racing, coming in 1st in the Masters Women's 8+, 1st in the mixed 2x, and 1st and 3rd in the Masters Women's 4+.

September 24th, 2015

The Carolina Masters got the opportunity to row in the Stampfli Express, the longest rowing boat in the world, which seats 24 rowers an a coxswain. We had a great time and thank CHAOS rowing for the opportunity!

July 12, 2015

The women's sweep team attended two summer races this year. We competed at Capital Sprints in Washington, DC and at Occoquan Masters Sprints in Occoquan, VA. 

Capital Sprints July 11 -

Womens 8+
2nd (out of 5 boats)

Womens Masters 4+
4th (out of 5 boats)

Women's Open 4+
5th (out of 6 boats) 

Women's Masters 2x
3rd (out of 4 boats)

Mixed 2x
4th (out of 5 boats)

Men’s 1x (Rob)
4th (out of 6 boats)

Occoquan July 12th -

Women's 1x (Kathryn)
2nd (out of 4 boats)

Men’s 1x (Rob)
3rd (out of 5)

Women's 4+
3rd (out of 4 boats)

Women's 8+ 
1st (out of 5 boats)

Mixed 2x
4th (out of 6 boats), 1st on the water

About our team


CMCC rows out of the UNC boathouse located on University Lake, in Chapel Hill, NC. The boathouse has 3 bays housing eights, fours, pairs, doubles, and singles.


The CMCC has two eights (Vespoli and Hudson), a four (Vespoli), two doubles (Fillipi and Hudson), and a single (Hudson).